Design & Development of Mobile & Web based Game for Learning Basic Entrepreneurship & Business Skills for Children in Rural Areas.

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Project idea

A mobile app and companion website to teach teenagers and parents in rural areas how to start and manage a small business.

Problem space

People in rural areas of Congo have limited access to information and money making opportunities. Since such people may have none or very limited ICT skills as well as very basic literacy, it is challenging to use traditional means to teach them how to generate revenues in their communities.


Given the recent advances in Internet technology and mobile phone penetration in African rural areas, it could be possible to address the issue of non-access to relevant information through the use of innovative digital tools. One of the potential solutions, is to provide a digital learning game, primarily targeting school age children (teenagers) and young mothers. The intention is to encourage children to learn through play and share the acquired knowledge and skills with their mothers in informal, home settings.


The proposed website and mobile game application will be tailored to the needs of 10 - 17 years old children. The self-study lightweight learning content will be accessible both offline and online, and will include game elements and mechanics that should motivate continuous use of the technology as well as the learning. The web and mobile application content should be accessible through low-cost smart devices ( 20 - 30 USD), and yet provide a satisfying user experience. The solutions should be designed following a human-centred design approach, which ensures that the users’ needs are well understood so that the design meets the users’ requirements.


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  • DAT-303 - Multimedia, bachelor
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