Development of Augmented Reality Based Solution for Remote Maintenance Operations

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OSM Maritime group has a vision to become one of the advanced and pioneers of the maritime industry when it comes to technologies. It is believed that augmented reality technology (AR) can benefit the company significantly in their operations.

To be able to improve the efficiency and reduce delayed time for maintenance onboard that will also decrease the cost for travelling of the engineers onboard, OSM is looking at using AR for maintenance onboard of vessels and rigs.

There are several existing solutions, but OSM would only prefer Tablet or SmartPhone supported solutions. For example iPad or iPhone supported solutions.

Here are some examples:

Students´ tasks:

-Apply the Human-centred design approach to design a new solution meeting the requirements of OSM.

-Develop, test and evaluate the designed solution.


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Forhåndsgodkjent for:

  • DAT-303 - Multimedia, bachelor
  • DAT-304 - Dataing., bachelor
  • IKT-590 - IKT, master
  • MM-500 - Multimedia, master

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