Exciting maritime R&D project needs showcasing through a videoclip !

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Machine Prognostics is a startup located in Grimstad.

We are involved with UMOE Mandal, Gard and DNVGL in a project where we deploy sensors on board ship and send data through several clouds. This project is disrupting the maritime industry (read https://teknologioverforinger.no/maritime/machine-prognostics  and we need you to bring it to life to the world through a clip !!! Are you up for the challenge ? We expect quite a lot of views.

Work wise you will have to merge several clips (see the list below), create an animation/aftereffects showcasing sensors placement, create a narrative that all can understand. In addition to that you have to bring in your views on the table and propose enhancement.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFizmsdlPY0&list=PLzEqwBEzGmFekuLkTOFpdt0cvhnhknI5y )


Machine Prognostics core business is to develop machine monitoring system enabling advanced maintenance strategies such as Condition Based Maintenance. IP of Machine Prognostic is linked to the development of distributed smart sensors with onboards processing units (acoustic, vibration, etc), proprietary models for machine diagnostic (gearboxes, cylinders, electrical motors, pumps) as well as development of decision support system for alarm management.

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