Inspiring Stories about Sørlandet

Hopp til hovedinnhold

We live in a wonderful part of Norway. There are so many inspiring and exciting stories to tell about our region ... but only few people know them.

The project will create a web site that is a mixture of a blog and storybook.

Firstly, we start by developing an attractive concept that surprises readers by randomly selected stories or by offering the latest stories. The web site allows easy search for certain types of stories, e.g., people, initiatives, or innovative companies.

What features we will include in the prototype is something we will agree upon during the development.

Secondly, we will create a set of first stories. This task can be done by the same team or a second team. Probably we will need about 5-10 stories to start with.

We will brainstorm which stories we want to tell, and we will have a tough time selecting a few of all the wonderful stories. These are the ones we want to present.

Thirdly, we need to interact with users and find out whether they like the idea and how they react to our concept.

Throughout the project, we will consult with experts and hear their advice to improve the results.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.



Universitetet i Agder (UiA) har i overkant av 13.000 studenter og 1.400 ansatte. UiA tilbyr mer enn 150 studier og har et aktivt og ledende forskermiljø. 

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Type: Fra faglærer
Grad: Bachelor
Faglig veileder for denne oppgaven:
Frank Reichert and possibly colleagues from other faculties



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