Instructional videos: How to use the Usability Laboratory at UiA?

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Recently, UiA has equipped a usability lab with some of the latest technologies. In addition to courses in the field of Human computer interaction, the usability lab is of great importance for bachelor and master students’ projects addressing the design and use of interactive systems for various application domains. Further on, internal and external researchers can use the Lab to study how people interact with digital tools. The main goal is usually finding out potential usability problems as well as evaluating the user experience.

On one hand, it is challenging for students and some of the researchers to use all the equipment on their own; on the other hand, it is crucial that the lab users respect good practices regarding data privacy regulations and always keep the usability lab fully functional. Currently, users need to be supported by faculty members.

To increase access to the Lab facility and minimize contact for reducing Covid-19 potential transmissions, users should be given tutorial videos, so that they can independently use the Lab.

The tutorial videos are primarily to be used by students, but also any other stakeholders who might need to use the lab.

Your role is to produce the videos in Norwegian and English.

You will be given the information and access to the Lab for you to create plans and video scripts. You will create all necessary graphics and illustrations for the videos, record, edit and publish the videos.

The tutorial videos should comprise a mix of 2D & 3D animated explainer videos, talking head &  computer screen recordings for software demo. Closed captions should be provided for all the videos.


Employment code: 1018 Scientific assistant, ca. NOK241 per hour(Master student); NOK235 per hour (Bachelor student).

Ca. 250 hours in total.

Starting date: Late April 2021.

End edate: to be agreed, but not later than 31.12.2021.


1.       “Tutorial video” on observational study setup in the Usability Lab (Controlled study setting)

2.       “Tutorial video” on the use of biosensors in user experience research (Eye Tracking, Electrodermal Activity/ Galvanic Skin Response)

3.       “Tutorial video” on troubleshooting audio & video infrastructure of UiA Usability Lab.

4.       Scripts for the three videos in points 1 – 3

5.       Graphics/illustrations used in the videos



Type: Fra virksomhet
Publisert: 2021-04-14
Status: Ledig
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