Mechatronics - Study on Scaled Floating Offshore Wind Turbine: analysis of structural dynamics & damage diagnosis under varying environmental condition

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Early damage diagnosis (damage detection, damage localization, damage quantification) in critical parts of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) such as the tower, the floater and the mooring lines is vital. This is because a damage on these parts may lead to loss of the FOWT’s stability, inefficient operation or total loss of asset and high maintenance costs. Additionally, FOWTs operate under varying environmental conditions (ECs) such as weight height (WH) which partially or fully “masks” the effects of damages on the structural dynamics, rendering damage diagnosis highly challenging. The number of studies on damage diagnosis in the tower, the floater and the mooring lines of FOWTs is very limited. This why there is a need for further research on this topic. In the context of the project “Analytics for asset Integrity Management of Wind farms (AIMWind)”, Norwegian Research Centre – NORCE AS created a master project where a scaled laboratory semi-submersible FOWT will be examined and used for the analysis of structural dynamics and damage diagnosis through statistical methods under varying environmental conditions. The results from this master project will be presented in a conference.


  • Floating Offshore Wind Turbine
  • Laboratory experiment
  • Non-parametric and parametric modelling
  • Dynamic characteristics
  • Damage diagnosis
  • Statistical time series methods
  • Varying environmental condition


Norwegian Research Center - NORCE AS

Norwegian Research Center - NORCE AS is a Norwegian research institute organized as a state-owned limited company. It was established in its current form in 2017 and is mainly owned by four Norwegian universities with the University of Bergen (UiB) as the majority owner and thus the parent company. NORCE has a close collaboration with the main owner UiB, and several of the researchers also hold adjunct positions as professor or associate professor at UiB. NORCE has around 800 employees and conducts basic and applied research in energy, health care, climate, environment, society and technology. NORCE has operations in all parts of Norway.


Type: Fra virksomhet
Publisert: 2022-09-22
Status: Ledig
Grad: Master


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