Redesigning Machine Prognostics website

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Machine Prognostics AS is looking for a group of students to overhaul the front-end of their website. The new website must have a modern and professional feel to it, while staying true to the color palettes and theme already established by the company. It must be fast, responsive and easy to navigate across all devices. In addition, the students must familiarize themselves with the technology and services provided by the company in order to add relevant content to the site. It is required that both the design choices and implementation is well documented; it should be modular and easy to expand upon at a later point, even by people not having participated in the original development. The students are free to choose their preferred tools as long as it doesn’t conflict with the previous points.

The students will be in continuous dialogue with a representative from Machine Prognostics, who will provide all the necessary information.


Machine Prognostics core business is to develop machine monitoring system enabling advanced maintenance strategies such as Condition Based Maintenance. IP of Machine Prognostic is linked to the development of distributed smart sensors with onboards processing units (acoustic, vibration, etc), proprietary models for machine diagnostic (gearboxes, cylinders, electrical motors, pumps) as well as development of decision support system for alarm management.

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Type: Fra virksomhet
Grad: Bachelor



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