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Careers at CERN - University Graduates

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Accelerate your career at CERN and take part in today’s biggest scientific breakthroughs!

Take part in the Graduate Programme

What could be a better boost for your career than a work experience in one of the largest scientific experiments in the world at the cutting edge of technology, to develop your technical skills, knowledge and expertise?

If you’re a recent graduate from university or a technical institute, you’re no doubt looking for the chance to make your mark. Here it is: you could spend up to three years working right at the forefront of scientific research. As a Graduate, you could join us for research work in particle physics or take part in advanced development work in a broad range of applied science, engineering and technical fields. Whichever route you take, it will be an extraordinary experience.

An experience like nowhere else on Earth.

Categories of Graduates

CERN offers different categories of graduate opportunities in line with different levels of education and experience. Browse the following categories to find the one that best matches your profile. Take part by applying for:

  • The ORIGIN Programme (Early Career Professionals), for nationals of Member or Associate Member States with no more than 2 years’ experience after completing your highest diploma:

-  general secondary education, technical or administrative diploma

-  Bachelor or Master's degree

  • The QUEST Programme (Experienced Project Graduates), for nationals of Member or Associate Member States with a MSc degree and between 2 and 6 years’ experience or PhD with up to three years of relevant experience. 
  • The RESEARCH Fellowship Programmes:

- Theoretical and Experimental Physics Research Fellowship, for researchers in the fields of theoretical and experimental physics holding a PhD and up to six years’ experience in the field after obtaining their PhD;

- Science and Engineering Research Fellowship, for candidates holding a PhD in the field, with a maximum of 3 years of experience after obtaining their PhD.

How does it work?

Find out more on the selection process here: How we hire

We wish you all the best for your application for these enriching programmes!


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