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Agder Energi - Microgrid

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Agder Energi - Microgrid

Our project was based on creating a simulator for a Norwegian power company to research if a microgrid would be beneficial for the different stakeholders. A microgrid is a local energy system.    

Agder Energi is the power company that we worked together with on this project and the idea of the project came from a business developer there. A microgrid is relevant for the future of the power companies and they wanted to research this at an early stage.

The goal of our project is to create a system that can analyze data from a substation in a microgrid and simulate how different components, such as batteries, solar panels and electrical car chargers, affect the flow and usage of power within a microgrid.  

A simulation is an easy and understandable way to visualize how power consumption at a substation is influenced by the changes in a microgrid. The main purpose of the product is to find ways to reduce costs for both Agder Energi and their customers. It is desirable that the total consumption is lowered, but reducing peaks is most important. This is due to the peaks being the primary contributor to higher costs for customers, once new electricity tariffs get introduced, and requiring the microgrid to be upgraded further. In the long run, the goal is that a microgrid can be used to help make neighborhoods and other small areas self-sufficient in terms of power.

Microgrid Simulator


Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Studium: IT og Informasjonssystemer
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2020 - Vår
Samarbeid: Agder Energi





  • Jarle N. Johnsen
  • Jørgen B. Lefdal
  • Daniel H. Lindemann
  • Christian Kittilsen
  • Daniel T. Reisæter
  • Thomas Theissen