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Elements Notification System

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Elements Notification System

This report documents a software development project conducted in collaboration with Sikri during the spring semester of 2023. The objective was to implement a modern notification system within their already existing product, Elements. With the objective of ensuring high processes quality, the team took advantage of established project management methodologies. The team utilized Azure DevOps as a tool for controlling and carrying out these management processes.

Through data collection, the team gathered insights of the relevant domain and conducted a user survey to further understand the user needs. This was crucial for the subsequent process of specifying the system requirements. An architectural model was formed as an outcome of utilizing established design principles and discussions with technical leaders at Sikri. The model and system requirements were used in hands with Sikri’s proposed user interface design as a foundation for developing the system.

With the use of technologies such as C#, TypeScript, React, and SignalR, the team developed a highly accurate and effective system in correspondence with Sikri’s ambitions. While not covering all the requirements to make the notification system production ready, it fulfilled the predetermined proof of concept. By highlighting quality over quantity throughout the span of the project, the team successfully facilitated further development.

As a result of carrying out the project, the team has built meaningful experience within management and development. Through developing a product of high quality with the intention of going into production, the challenges and processes have brought meaningful learning outcomes within the field.

A demo of the final product can be viewed here.

Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Studium: IT og Informasjonssystemer
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2023 - Vår
Samarbeid: Sikri AS





  • Aleksander Dokken
  • Lars Blåsmo Husfloen
  • Kristoffer Stokkeland
  • Bjørnar Olsen-Hagen Sømme
  • Hermann Rødseth Theimann