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Inventory Manager-application for iPhone

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Inventory Manager-application for iPhone

Our project consisted of developing an application for iOS to keep track of all electronic devices owned by Fylkesmannen i Aust- og Vest-Agder. The application is accompanied by a web portal, for doing operations that are time consuming on a mobile device, such as input of model names and specifications.

In the application, the user can scan a QR-code fitted to a device. All stored information about the device will show up in the app when the code is scanned, such as which user is currently using the device, the devices error history and specifications of the device. Users can also register their own comments for the device. 

The application was developed in order to make a system that was easier and more efficient to use than the system already in place. We chose to do it for the iPhone due to the probability of the user having their iPhone available at times when they needed to use the software. 

Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Studium: IT og Informasjonssystemer
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2017 - Vår
Samarbeid: Fylkesmannen i Aust- og Vest-Agder





  • Erlend Os Nord
  • Trygve Åse Lunde
  • Lars Martin Gjerdsjø Risdal
  • Atilla Sjusdal