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KnowItAll -Treningsapp

The bachelor project is offered by Knowit as a part of a larger project for ØIF Arendal. As part of their improvement strategy, ØIF wants a web application used for collecting data from the players after training sessions and matches. The data is to be used for trend analysis. Knowit Sør, who is sponsoring this project, tasked this bachelor group for creating the user interface of this application.

The aim for this project is to create a user interface that allows the players to receive questionnaires, answer the questions and submit the answers. In addition, the users need to be able to register as users and log in to the application. The application will be used as proof-of-concept before any further development of the entire product.

Video av Fullført App:

Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Studium: It og informasjonssystemer
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2020 - Høst
Samarbeid: Knowit Sør





  • Herman Fensbekk
  • Håkon Sjøberg Sveen
  • Robert Zakariassen
  • Anette Jørgensen
  • Filip Østrem