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Mobil applikasjon for opplæring av ansatte

This report contains the thoughts and experiences of the group Ingenium’s Bachelor project. We present the process that we followed and how we planned to develop our app with our clients Gridd.ai. The first thing that was decided was the method we would use to work efficiently and structured, which was a fairly easy choice since we had good experience with Scrum and working in sprints from previous projects. Something we had good success with.

The next part of the project was planning with our client on what they wanted in their app and how it should look. This meant we had to do research and interview our clients and form user stories, requirement lists and form prototypes to present to the clients for approval, which took some time since the client had problems with sickness, but eventually got approved through Slack. Slack is one of the tools we used to communicate with our clients, the reason we used this tool was that the client already had a workspace in Slack and therefore made a channel for us to communicate. Another tool we used was Trello for structuring our work and planning sprints, although we later moved our project to Azure DevOps since some important features on Trello were locked behind a paywall, while through UiA we had access to the premium features of Azure DevOps. Other tools that were used in the project were Discord and Messenger for a more personal communication with our group members, while Zoom was also used with our guidance counselor for meetings.

Another important part early on in the project was forming a MoSCoW, which is something that we made with our clients through several meetings to make a priority list of which functions should be added and how we should plan our work. Something that proved very useful as we managed to complete the must-haves and most of the should-haves. While the project was in a good flow with only some slight hiccups something that really changed the way we worked was SARS-CoV-2. This virus went from being a minor risk, where we thought maybe one guy would have to work at home to everyone having to distance themselves and our only communication being online. We can say this had a minor impact on how we worked and how motivated some members of the group were, when we no longer had that physical contact and discussion. While we handled it fairly well with at least 3 meetings a week to plan our sprints and discuss further work. This also meant we had to communicate with our clients and guidance counselor through online services. While it had a minor impact on work effort, it had a major impact on the possibility of testing our product in a relevant environment. In the end, we believe we did a good job based on what was asked and what resources we had. While we know that now, with the experience we have gained, if we were to do it again some things would be done differently.

Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2020 - Vår
Samarbeid: GRIDD





  • Xohan Otero Barbosa
  • Vegard Marvik
  • Yaguel van der Meij
  • Vegard Trydal
  • Andreas Stubberud Wöllert