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Wizards - a Simplified Case Management Application

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Wizards - a Simplified Case Management Application

The project was offered by Sikri on the basis of an earlier research report. This report had documented some of the already known problems with their main application Elements and how they could be solved. Elements is a case management program used to handle case management in the public sector.

In the report, we learned that many of the users of Elements are uncomfortable with the design weaknesses in Elements. There are too many features for infrequent users, and they struggle to manage basic case management. This had resulted in the need for a lot of guidance and frequent training for these users. From the report it was concluded that Sikri needed a lightweight alternative with a simple and modern UI for these users. This lightweight alternative should be based on a step-by-step process, a wizard, to guide the users through a case. This would mitigate the need to spend extra time on training and support by administrators.

The bachelor group was tasked with creating this new lightweight application. The aim of the project was to create the basic design and functionality for the application, called Wizards. 

The project was managed using the Scrum framework in combination with Software Development Life Cycle for development of the application. The project consisted of nine sprints divided into a two week cyclus. 

The most central technologies used to construct the Wizards application was React with TypeScript for the Frontend, Redux for state management, Material UI and Material Design for the design of the application, and the Backend is managed with the help of OData API for connection with the NCore server. 

The result of the bachelor project was a finished application with connection to the same Backend as Elements, with the basic functionality needed to process a case in the application. The application was also deployed at the end of the project and available for everyone involved to test and use. Sikri will continue to develop the Wizards application and is aiming to offer the application to its customers in the fall.

 Link to video of end product: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s_3chObjq6P7zwCb4_RkPLFwHNwHy2E6/view?usp=sharing 

Link to an early clickable demo: http://wizards-env.eba-z9wcmrpk.us-east-2.elasticbeanstalk.com/Dashboard 

Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Studium: IT og informasjonssystemer
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2021 - Vår
Samarbeid: Sikri AS





  • Ole Haraldseth
  • Aleksander Larsen
  • Fredrik Meltveit
  • Daniel Mossestad