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Aditya Gupta

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Postdoc Fellow

A2051 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )


Machine Learning, Image and Signal Processing, Deep Neural Network, Smart Water Management


Adjunct Faculty in College of Engineering Pune, Pune, India (August 2019 – July, 2021)


Temporary faculty in National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India (July 2018 – August 2019)


Artificial Intelligence in Fish Aquaculture

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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Ahuja, Bharti; Doriya, Rajesh; Salunke, Sharad; Hashmi, Md. Farukh; Gupta, Aditya (2023). Advanced 5D logistic and DNA encoding for medical images. Imaging Science Journal. ISSN: 1368-2199. 71 (2). s 142 - 160. doi:10.1080/13682199.2023.2178097.
  • Ahuja, Bharti; Doriya, Rajesh; Salunke, Sharad; Hashmi, Mohammad Farukh; Gupta, Aditya; Bokde, Neeraj Dhanraj (2023). HDIEA: high dimensional color image encryption architecture using five-dimensional Gauss-logistic and Lorenz system. Connection Science. ISSN: 0954-0091. 35 (1). doi:10.1080/09540091.2023.2175792.
  • Ahuja, Bharti; Doriya, Rajesh; Salunke, Sharad; Hashmi, Mohammad Farukh; Gupta, Aditya (2023). IoT-Based Multi-Dimensional Chaos Mapping System for Secure and Fast Transmission of Visual Data in Smart Cities. IEEE Access. ISSN: 2169-3536. 11s 104930 - 104945. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3318014.
  • Gupta, Aditya; Bringsdal, Even; Knausgård, Kristian Muri; Goodwin, Morten (2022). Accurate Wound and Lice Detection in Atlantic Salmon Fish Using a Convolutional Neural Network. Fishes. ISSN: 2410-3888. 7 (6). doi:10.3390/fishes7060345.
  • Gupta, Aditya; Bringsdal, Even; Salbuvik, Nicole; Knausgård, Kristian Muri; Goodwin, Morten (2022). An Accurate Convolutional Neural Networks Approach to Wound Detection for Farmed Salmon. Engineering Applications of Neural Networks - 23rd International Conference, EAAAI/EANN 2022. ISBN: 978-3-031-08222-1. Springer Nature. Chapter. s 139 - 149.
  • Kalhagen, Espen Stausland; Olsen, Ørjan Langøy; Goodwin, Morten; Gupta, Aditya (2022). Hierarchical Object Detection applied to Fish Species. Nordic Machine Intelligence (NMI). ISSN: 2703-9196. 2 (1). s 1 - 15. doi:10.5617/nmi.9452.

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