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Alexander Skaug Ytterbøl


Student Employee, UiA Career

As a student assistant at the University of Agder and a contact between students and the business world, for UiA Career, I am deeply committed to bridging the gap between the university and the business world. I firmly believe that student engagement during their academic journey not only enriches their educational experience but also lays the foundation for their future career.

Through my studies in Shift Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I witness daily the value of merging theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It's this perspective I carry into my work, helping other students realize their potential. I'm very passionate about inspiring students to achieve self-awareness, hone their skills, identify job opportunities, and work diligently towards their aspirations.

My role as a liaison allows me to see the mutual benefit of collaboration between students, the university, and employers. I believe that by strengthening these ties, we can forge a more potent ecosystem for innovation, growth, and success for everyone involved.

If you're interested in exploring how we can collaborate, build networks, or simply want to discuss opportunities at UiA, you're warmly invited to get in touch!

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