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Anders Rykkja has an MA in Music Business Management from the University of Westminster, London, UK. He obtained his PhD from the doctoral programme INSEPP (Innovation in Services in the Public and Private Sector) at the Inland University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer, Norway. The topic of his doctoral thesis was the adoption of crowdfunding as an innovative business model in the cultural and creative industries.

Anders is affiliated with UiA's Crowdfunding Research Centre as a researcher in general and in particular with the NRC project CROWDCUL.

Between 2014 and 2018, Anders was the coordinator of Knowledge Works, the national knowledge centre for the cultural and creative industries established and funded by the Ministry of Culture.






Anders is part of the research project CROWDCUL - Crowdfunding in the Cultural and Creative economy. CROWDCUL is an international research project on crowdfunding that focuses on adoption, effects and implications of this innovative funding strategy in the context of cultural practices. The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Rykkja, Anders; Knutsen, Kristin (2023). Teater ber om spleis på 25 millioner: – Sjokkert over beløpet.
  • Bonet, Lluis; Rykkja, Anders (2023). Attempting or Abstaining? Is it a win or a loss? An organisational typology of drivers and barriers for implementing Institutional Crowdfunding..
  • Rykkja, Anders; Shneor, Rotem; Munim, Ziaul Haque; Dalla Chiesa, Carolina; Schlott, F. (2023). How productive are Patreon creators? A view of incentives at the margins.
  • Demattos Guimaraes, Alice; Mæhle, Natalia; Rykkja, Anders; Bonet, Lluis; Munim, Ziaul Haque (2023). The global phenomenon of cultural-creative crowdfunding: an international analysis of success, sectorial adoption, and Covid-19 effects.
  • Munim, Ziaul Haque; Demattos Guimaraes, Alice; Rykkja, Anders; Mæhle, Natalia (2023). A bibliometric literature review of culture crowdfunding literature.

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