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Eduardo Gimenez-Cassina Bergareche

PhD Research Fellow

Eduardo Cassina (he/them) - I am an urban planner, residency organizer, and gong player. My research explores the development and co-creation of experimental new tools for participatory planning within the framework of artist residencies. I am working in the municipality of Giehtavuotna-Kvæfjord in Sápmi ( Troms- Norwegian Arctic) developing an immersive residency workshop to identify and address power obduracy embedded in the landscape(s), build trans-ecological solidarity, and include more-than-human perspectives in planning.

My background is in architecture, heritage, and urban sociology. From 2014 until 2020, I co-directed METASITU, an urbanism practice based in Kyiv devoted to developing artistic research methodologies in urban contexts. We worked with participatory planning and urban degrowth in postindustrial shrinking cities throughout Ukraine with our main initiative, The Degrowth Institute.

In 2020 I relocated to Bangkok, where, until 2022, I was the Year 2 coordinator of the bachelor's program at INDA, the International Program for Design and Architecture at Chulalongkorn University. In Bangkok, I also co-ran a space for alternative spatial pedagogies, Monitor Lizard House (2020 and 2021), where we analyzed the urban effects of climate change in the plains of Samut Prakhan. 

I continue organizing artistic encounters and urbanism residencies - most recently in Slavutych/Chornobyl (2021) and Encuentros Nave in Santiago (2021-2022). 

My interests lie in establishing non-hierarchical symbiotic formats of knowledge exchange, developing intentional communities and other forms of human gatherings, spatial queer theory, and durational gong baths.


Artist Residencies, experimental urban planning, decolonial practices in the Arctic, self-sufficiency, intentional communities, queer urbanism, autotheory, action-led research.

Utvalgte publikasjoner


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