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Inge Håvard Bergdal

Assistant Professor


Inge Bergdal is an Associate Professor at the Department of Working Life and Innovation at School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. He holds a Cand. Psychol. from the University of Oslo, with specialist education from the Institute for Active Psychotherapy (Norway).

Bergdal has been employed by the University of Agder since 2004. He works fulltime as a special psychologist at RVTS Sør, a regional resource center on violence, traumatic stress and suicide prevention.

Bergdal has a military background from the Air Force and Luftkrigsskolen, where he studied and later worked as Study Leader and Principal Teacher. In the Armed Forces, he was also appointed as a psychologist in connection with leadership selection for the war schools.

Previous work tasks include Head of PPT Grimstad, Psychologist at BUP Arendal and Psychologist at PPT for Higher Education. Bergdal has also worked with selection and managerial selection in his own company, and has served on the board of directors of a psychology association and Folkeuniversitetet in Arendal.

Faglige interesser

Academic interests:

Bergdal has worked with counseling and process management in companies and organizations over the past 20 years. He has been particularly occipied with the relationship between theory and practice and how people develop and learn in organizations. Key questions are: What motivates and inspires people? How do values ​​and personal personality and experience affect decision-making and problem solving? And what is the importance of emotional awareness in leadership exercise and team interaction?


Bergdal teaches team management, coaching, management and staffing subjects:

ORG 121 Motivasjonell ledelse

ORG 122 Lederskap i praksis

ORG 217 Coaching

ORG 218 Bemanning i praksis


He also teaches in these EVU projects:

ORG 916 Barnehagelederutdanning

ORG 957 Bærekraftig industri (Eyde)



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