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Ingvild Koksvik


Ingvild Koksvik is a Norwegian singer and song-maker. Her career includes several albums with original music, commissioned works for festivals, and substantial touring as a live artist in Norway and Europe. She holds a master’s degree in musicology from the University of Oslo, where she also spent two years as a research assistant. 

Koksvik’s doctoral project deals with how notions of space influence aesthetic, performative, and compositional aspects of popular music record production. By addressing the practice-based study of the production of her third solo album as a recording artist, Koksvik investigates the relations between the compositional intention, the materialization process, and the aesthetic outcome. Moreover, the project seeks to demonstrate how mixing in the 3D format Dolby Atmos sets new premises for staging compositional design from a recording artist and song-maker’s perspective.

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Record production


Utvalgte publikasjoner

Ingvild Koksvik (2022). Mørketidssanger, Fyrlyd Records

Koksvik, Ingvild (2016). Og sangen kom fra havet, Fyrlyd Records

Koksvik, Ingvild (2013). Nattåpent, Fyrlyd Records

Ingvild K. Amundsen & Lars Jakob Rudjord (2010). orvilsk! NORCD.

Amherst (2010). A Light Exists in Spring. NORCD. 

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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