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Johan Erik Andersen

Ph.d. Research Fellow

By appointment

Johan E. Andersen is PhD Research Fellow at UiA’s Department of Political Science and Management. He holds an M.A. in Nationalism Studies from the Central European University, Hungary (2015-2017). Prior to joining the University of Agder, Johan has held lectures on the historical foundations and theories of nationalism and populism in Western societies, on the rise of Illiberal Democracy in Poland and Hungary, and written analysis papers for organizations such as: Think Tank EUROPA (an independent Copenhagen based think tank focusing on Europe), The European Movement, as well as by invitation from Aarhus University.

Johan’s research investigates the changes within the party organisation of Scandinavian anti-political establishment parties once they gain political influence by supporting or joining a government constellation, i.e. joining the political establishment and leaving the role as “political outsiders”.

The foundation of ideological principles that these parties are based upon has shown cracks when populist stances must be replaced with rational strategies where political compromises equals political influence. Such changes in a political platform necessitates a transformation of the party, which comes with the risk of alienating voters, creating conflict among party members, and the party losing its anti-establishment appeal.

By employing theories and concepts bridging the fields of Political Science and Organisation Studies, it is the goal to achieve a greater understanding of how the organisation within these parties react to exogenous and endogenous factors as they are performing the balancing act of being the opposition to a government that they themselves support - by choosing pragmatism over ideological purity.

Allmenn formidling

Johan Erik Andersen, Øyvind V. Heiberg og Dag Olaf Torjesen: «Populismen styrker demokratiet» [Populism strengthens Democracy]", op-ed in Fædrelandsvennen 24.09.2020 p. 24 

Anne Pintsch, Jarle Trondal, Johan Erik Andersen, Aleksandar Avramovic og Laszlo Bugyi: «Demokratisk tilbakegang fortsetter i Europa» [Democratic Backsliding Endures Within Europe], op-ed in Fædrelandsvennen 06.05.2021 p. 23 

Johan Erik Andersen: «Populisme fungerer best for partier utenfor regjeringen» [Populism Works the Best for Parties Outside of Government Constellations], op-ed in Fædrelandsvennen 08.09.2021 p. 16


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