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Roger Aganze

PhD Candidate

Ph.D. Candidate

17109 ( Universitetsveien 17, Kristiansand )
9:00 to 15:00

Roger Aganze works both as a PhD Candidate and Research fellow at the Center for Research on Social Entreprises and Microfinance Institutions (CERSEM). His field of research is mostly International Business and Applied Economics. 

He currently focuses on microfinance organizations and more specifically intends to provide an understanding of the dynamics of informal financial community-based groups in low-income countries. 

He works under the supervision of Roy Mersland (University of Agder) and Bert D'Espallier (KU Leuven, Belgium).

He holds a master's degree in Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance from the University Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne (France), a master's degree in Transport and Logistics from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), and a master's degree in Financial Management of the Universite Catholique de Bukavu (Dem. Rep. of Congo).  



Microfinance organization: Savings groups

International Business


Applied Econometrics

Logistics and supply Chain Management


Theory of Knowledge and Core Theories in Management

Statistics and Quantitative Methods

Business Economics

Production and Operation Management

Applied Econometrics


13/09/2021 à 20/04/2022 : Research fellow at School of Business and Law, University of Agder, Norway. 

05/2021 to 20/04/2022: Trainer in digital literacy at Secours Catholique, Chanteloup les Vignes, France 

March 2021: Participation in an international case study competition on sustainable companies and financing based on environmental, social, and governance criteria 

03/06/2021-05/08/2021: Trainer in financial education, life coaching, and personal development with Learn-Do-Succeed 

02/2020 to 12/2020: Logistics officer at Karma Paris, France 

11/2020 to 02/2020: Logistics officer at Cubyn, Ile de France 

08/2019-12/2019: Inventor auditor at RGIS Paris, France 

05/2019: Organiser in an international competition by Hult International Business School in Paris, France 

07/2016-09/2018: Junior lecturer and teaching assistant at the Catholic University of Bukavu, Congo 

08/2015 to 04/2016: Customer relationship officer at FINCA RD Congo 

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