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D3072 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )


12, 2004: PhD., Infrastructure & Envir.,  Univ. of Edinburgh                                      .
06, 1993: MSc., Material Sci. & Eng., Univ. of Archi. & Tech., China.                                                       
Working experience:

Since 2013, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Agder

2005 - 2014, Telemark Technological R&D Centre (Tel-Tek)

1997 - 2000, Department of Process Technology, Telemark University College

Faglige interesser

Academic interests:

Nonlinear implicit and explicit dynamic analysis in structures with computational modelling /experimental approach

Modelling and analysis of structures with FEM codes (for example ABAQUS)

Interaction between particulate solids and shell/ thin-walled structure; interaction between soil/soil and soil/non-soil materials in foundation

Application of composite material; Advanced composites materials and High temperature-resistant material (refractory).

Current courses:

BYG211, Structure analysis & BIM with sap 2000, Bachelor course

BYG213, Basic in Soil Mech., Bachelor course

BYG504, Soil Mech. & Foundation, Master course

BYG701, Advanced FEA, PhD. course.


Analysis of load bearing structure with computational modelling and experimental approach

Shell / thin-walled structures

Interaction between civil structures and soil foundation

Civil Engineering and onshore/offshore structures

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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