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Stig Nordhagen

Assistant Professor

K3021 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )

Stig Nordhagen (1966-) was born and raised in Gjøvik, Norway. He started playing the clarinet as an 8-year-old in his local school. From the age of 12, Nordhagen began taking lessons with Richard Kjelstrup, who at the time was Norway's leading educator and former solo clarinet in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

He then started his studies at the Østlandet Conservatory of Music with Tove Bratbak as his teacher. He took hos diploma with Prof. Walter Boeykens in Rotterdam.

In addition to this he had Yngve Slettholm and Kjell Habbestad as his teachers in composition.

The same year that Nordhagen graduated from Rotterdam (1994), he got a job in the Armed Forces musikkorps Sørlandet, one of the Armed Forces' seven military corps at that time. From 1994, Nordhagen also got a position in Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra as well as the teaching position at Agder Music Conservatory, now UIA (University of Agder).

From 2003, Nordhagen has been employed as a solo clarinet in the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.

Nordhagen is an eager chamber musician and has played in many different chamber ensembles that have toured both in Norway and Europe.

He has taught music history and score analysis in addition to clarinet and composition, which he now teaches.

Nordhagen has participated in a number of recordings both as a chamber musician and in an orchestra.

He has, on several occasions, been a soloist with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in works by Mozart, Williams and Bassi.

Stig Nordhagen has also been a jury member in both national and international competitions such as the NM in janitsjar and brass - spelemannsjuryen-EM for brass bands.

Nordhagen has been nominated for the publishing prize three times for the works:

• Willingness to victory brigade North march:https://open.spotify.com/track/78cBIzxMVl3cSotuAynwom?si=r2EzX1WLTfK3ad7OiDMulA 

• Prillar & Halling clarinet concerto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg0GNpj5Pu0&t=3s 

• Continental Devide: https://open.spotify.com/track/50NpyBFF6gNeNqxc2xcf5y?si=XKTiT_sMRwyKur80O1adpQ 

This unique combination of being a performer, composer and educator means that Nordhagen has in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of both the creative and performing process.

Nordhagen also has a large catalog as a composer and arranger. Duty number for the European Championships for brass bands in 2013 and commissioned works for the youth symphony orchestra's 40th anniversary can be mentioned.

For more details, see: https://www.nb.no/noter/butikk/?_search=stig%20nordhagen

Stig Nordhagen teaches in Norwegian and English

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Johan Svendsen : Norsk kunstnerkarneval – Karneval I Paris – Andante funébre


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