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Svein Olav Glesaaen Nyberg

Associate Professor

Associate professor

C5089 ( Jon Lilletuns vei 9, Grimstad )
  • Author (Wiley): "The Bayesian Way" (2018)
  • UniPed, Universitety of Agder, 2009 (university pedagogics)
  • University of Agder, 2003-present
  • Volda University College (teaching education), 2002-3
  • Senior Knowledge Engineer, Computas AS, 1998-2002
  • Post-doc, University of Edinburgh, 1996-98
  • PhD, Universitety of Oslo, 1996
  • M. Sc., Universitety of Oslo, 1991

Faglige interesser


  • MA-155 (Statistikk) - Fundamentals of statistics, and Bayesian and frequentist inference
  • MA-160 (Matte2 for Mekatronikk) - Applications of the Laplace transform
  • Matte-2 (Joint) - linear algebra and differential equations

Academic interests

  • Bayesian statistics
  • Probability theory
  • Stochastic processes

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

  • Johansen, Beate Strøm; Sørensen, Pål; Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen (2022). Mating activity and parturition of the smooth snake Coronella austriaca in Norway. The Herpetological Bulletin. ISSN: 1473-0928. 160s 13 - 18. doi:10.33256/hb160.1318.
  • LLiuyacc Blas, Rubén Ronald; Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen; Muhandiram Arachchige, Ireshika Subodha Tharangi; Kolhe, Mohan Lal; Kepplinger, Peter (2022). PV Hosting Capacity Estimation in Low Voltage Feeders Through Bayesian Statistical Inference. 2022 12th International Conference on Power, Energy and Electrical Engineering (CPEEE). ISBN: 978-1-6654-2049-5. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). 9738661. s 250 - 255.
  • Zakariya, Yusuf F.; Midttun, Øystein; Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen; Gjesteland, Thomas (2022). Reforming the Teaching and Learning of Foundational Mathematics Courses: An Investigation into the Status Quo of Teaching, Feedback Delivery, and Assessment in a First-Year Calculus Course. Mathematics. ISSN: 2227-7390. 10 (13). doi:10.3390/math10132164.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen; Robbersmyr, Kjell Gunnar; Holm, Jan Andreas; Sanfilippo, Filippo (2022). Tensile Experiments on Adhesion Between Aluminium Profiles and Glass. Intelligent Technologies and Applications: 4th International Conference, INTAP 2021, Grimstad, Norway, October 11–13, 2021, Revised Selected Papers. ISBN: 978-3-031-10524-1. Springer. chapter. s 407 - 418.
  • Isabwe, Ghislain Maurice Norbert; Reichert, Frank; Nyberg, Svein Olav (2012). TOWARDS INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY SUPPORTED PEER-TO-PEER ASSESSMENTS INTO MATHEMATICS EDUCATION:Experiences with iPad Mobile Tablet Technology. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education CSEDU2012. ISBN: 978-989-8565-07-5. Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication. Research paper. s 119 - 125.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav; Hambly, Ben M. (2003). Finitely ramified graph directed fractals, spectral asymptotics and the multidimensional renewal theorem. Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. ISSN: 0013-0915. 46s 1 - 34.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav (1997). The Discrete Einstein Relation. Circuits, systems, and signal processing. ISSN: 0278-081X. 16 (5). s 547 - 557.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav (1995). Brownian Motion on Simple Fractal Spaces. Stochastics and Stochastics Reports. ISSN: 1045-1129. 55s 21 - 45.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav (2018). The Bayesian Way: Introductory Statistics for Economists and Engineers. ISBN: 978-1119246879. Wiley-Blackwell. s 488.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav (2016). Statistikk - en bayesiansk tilnærming. ISBN: 978-82-15-02637-4. Universitetsforlaget. s 503.
  • Sørensen, Pål; Johansen, Beate Strøm; Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen (2023). Ventral scales numbers, anomalies and body mass index in three sympatric snake species within Norway.
  • Johansen, Beate Strøm; Sørensen, Pål; Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen (2023). Earlier parturition date with warmer summers for smooth snakes (Coronella austriaca) in Norway.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen; Robbersmyr, Kjell Gunnar; Holm, Jan Andreas; Sanfilippo, Filippo (2021). Effects of Material Selection on Adhesion between glass and aluminium pre-recorded video for digital attendees.
  • Nyberg, Svein Olav Glesaaen; Robbersmyr, Kjell Gunnar; Holm, Jan Andreas; Sanfilippo, Filippo (2021). Static Tensile Experiments on Adhesion between Aluminium Profiles and Glass.

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