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Vigdis Guttormsen

Associate Professor

I1 013 ( Universitetsveien 25, Kristiansand )
Mandag - fredag 0800 - 1600

I work as an associate professor in Food and health at the Department of Nutrition and Public Health and primarily teach primary school teacher students at the bachelor's and master's levels. I am a member of the Lifecourse Nutrition Priority Research Centre, which focuses on food and nutrition in the early stages of life. My research focus is the school subject Food and health; competence needs in primary school, curriculum understanding, interdisciplinarity and in-depth learning, pedagogical entrepreneurship, development of teaching materials and food and meals for different groups.


I work with classroom research in Food and health, with an emphasis on pedagogical learning resources, subject competence, competence needs and pedagogical entrepreneurship in schools. I am particularly taken by competence in food and health, interdisciplinarity and in-depth learning, curriculum understanding, and professional utilization of the potential in Food and health, particularly linked to lifeskills.


I teach Food and health in teacher training education and teach and supervise master's students in Food and health. In addition, I supervise and teach social entrepreneurship and innovation in nutrition work, which is part of community-oriented nutrition work, bachelor's programme.


2020 - dd: Associate Professor in Food and health, Department of Nutrition and Public Health, Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences, UiA (changed name from Department of Public Health, Sports and Nutrition in 2019)

2018 - 2020: Career advisor - upper secondary education for adults, Karriere Agder

2015 - 2018: Head of department primary - Lower secondary school, Birkenlund school

2008 -2015: Assistant Professor in Food and health, Associate Professor, Department of Public Health, Sports and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Sports Science, UiA.

2006 - 2008: Assistant Professor in Food and health - The University of Oslo and Akershus

2003 - 2006: General teacher - Lower secondary school, Haugenstua school

Faglige interesser

  • Food and health as a life management subject (lifeskills)
  • Practical cooking
  • Enjoyment of food and food knowledge
  • Sensory experiences in Food and health
  • Professional competence and professional pride
  • Diet for different groups in the population
  • Education and all-round development (Bildung)
  • Curriculum understanding
  • Interdisciplinarity and in-depth learning
  • Creativity and exploration
  • Educational entrepreneurship T
  • The school as public health arena


  • Food and health in the school of the future 2
  • Nordic taste – a shared sustainable food culture
  • Food Education Network North (FENN) Nordplus network
  • Competence needs in Food and health (COFAH)
  • Women around the porridge

Vitenskapelige publikasjoner

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