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Couples Playground - an automatic learning environment for couples

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Couples are the core of families and the building blocks of society. Often, couples are formed based on a mixture of attraction, affection, and cooperation. However, it is difficult to sustain and elevate this connection, and this leads to couples separating and individuals doubting their ability to be in a meaningful relationship.Research into couple dynamics and our own experiences suggest that it is possible to keep and even enhance the connection in a couple through easy exercises in everyday life. These exercises create a fertile and stable ground for the couple to grow and establish a deep bond.Couples Playground is a project idea developed by 2 coaches who want to make the world a better place by helping couples create happy, safe, and stable home environments.We need help to select and set up technology that supports the learning of routines and skills to encourage connection in couples. The learning environment should also provide clear and straightforward tools for content development and growth.

The project is designed for master's students in Multimedia and Educational Technology.


2 Kind Minds

The company was founded by a psychologist and coach to support mental health and well-being using techniques that support clients to become more independent and self-reliant. 

2 Kind Minds supports their life-long learning journey through self-development courses and individual coaching. The clients receive all they need to stay in control of their own lives while setting their own pace to choose and acquire skills based on scientifically proven methods to regulate their personal stress, as well as to improve communication and connection for establishing more meaningful relationships.


Type: Fra virksomhet
Publisert: 2023-09-07
Status: Ledig
Grad: Master


Dette forslaget er åpent for flere studentoppgaver.