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Mechatronics - Automation of model crane

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UiA-mechatronics has three small loader cranes. The cranes are scaled down in the ratio 1:14 with the purpose of being used on remote controlled model trucks, and they are driven with mini hydraulics. The cranes were acquired by UiA to be used for promotion of the mechatronics educations. One of the cranes is assembled as shown in the attached picture, but the remaining two are not. In the delivered form the crane is operated via servo motors operating small hydraulic valves.


The tasks in the project include

-        assembly of the crane

-        design of control box with joy sticks

-        design of base plate

-        kinematic modeling

-        instrumentation - find, select, and mount sensors that a sufficiently small to be installed elegantly on the crane

-        Programming, PLC and Arduino


When the basic functions have been established it is relevant to work on topics like:

-        Path tracking

-        Tool point control

-        Operator assistive functions (for example to keep the load at a certain height)



It should be noted that despite the use of mini hydraulics on the crane this project does not focus on the hydraulic system.


Contact persons: Morten Hallquist Rudolfsen/Morten Kjeld Ebbesen


University of Agder


Type: Fra virksomhet
Publisert: 2023-09-29
Status: Ledig
Grad: Uspesifisert



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