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K14: Digitalizing Receptionist Services

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K14: Digitalizing Receptionist Services

This report documents the process behind the development of a mobile application for iOS and Android. It is written for Knowit Sør, for which we have developed an application for tenants and guests of the future commercial building in Kristiansand, K14. The application seeks to streamline commonly understood and established services offered in a reception environment or by receptionists.

As the project contained few to no requirements, we have used a methodology that facilitates responding to change. The methodology applied is subject to The Agile Manifesto’s four basic principles, combined with a selection of Scrum artifacts. We have achieved progress without compromising requirements through short iterations, definite sub-goals, and frequent Sprint Reviews. To ensure product quality, we mapped the end-user’s needs by performing substantial data collection. In pursuance of a high-quality system, we have included a risk matrix, conventions and guidelines for code development and project execution, and regular testing.

In the analysis, we covered interviews, analysis of the client’s website, and existing off-the-shelf solutions. Our findings resulted in mapping the domain. Thereafter, we applied methods such as sketching and mockups, and David Benyon’s design principles, resulting in the current user interface design. The programming language React Native, facilitated an efficient development process, while Azure DevOps increased overall project control.

The team aimed to complete the highest prioritized system requirements. Challenges involving prioritizing functionality versus design and sub-par pull request reviews left us with a somewhat troubling development phase. Regardless of the challenges, the process resulted in a cross-platform compatible application, including functionality like viewing, registering, and updating events and appointments. Even though some requirements were incomplete, we are satisfied with the result and the learning outcomes we have attained.

Fullført oppgave

Grad: Bachelor
Studium: IT og Informasjonssystemer
Leverings­tidspunkt: 2022 - Vår
Samarbeid: Knowit Sør AS





  • Jenny Hurum
  • Stian Meisingset
  • Rikke Solvang
  • Sven Sørensen
  • Henrik Glosli Gulbrandsen
  • Sindre-Nicolai Barvik Fredriksen